GuardForce Management System

WatchOne utilizes technology together with the human factor to manage its Guard Force.

Whether digital scanning, GPS tracking or geo fencing, WatchOne controls all aspects of the successful security programs for our clients. GuardForce Management System™ consists of;

Connecteam® controls all aspects of the officer’s shift, Clocking in, tours, reports, chat communications with management and geo fencing. Officers can only utilize Connecteam® while in the geo fenced property of the client, alerts can be sent for distress or to report criminal acts.

MOBOHUBB® customizes scan tours to client’s expectations, tracking location, date, time of tour check. These reports are stored on servers for 2 years, clients may request reports without incurring a digital management fee. The tour scan points are exceedingly small and unobtrusive on the client’s property and can be removed easily.

Retail Security Services

When a WatchOne officer finishes indoctrination and training the GuardForce Management System™ starts and continues throughout their employment. We at WatchOne understand the concept of accountability and take that to the next service level for our valued clients.

“The watchers are being watched.”

To know more about our Guardforce Management System™ contact us directly 24 hours per day, we are happy to answer any questions on how the system can help your new or existing security program.

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