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End-to-End Security Solutions for Business and Private Properties in Gastonia

WatchOne Security Services is your reliable and trusted partner for top-notch security solutions in Gastonia that provides 24-hour security guards. Threats are for all, be it you, your business, or your property. Keeping this in mind, we provide tailored security services according to your specific requirements. This is possible because we have a team of industry-experienced security professionals.

Uniformed Guard Services

We provide uniformed guard services to businesses, government agencies, and private individuals. Our guards are highly trained and experienced in securing your premises, assets, and people. Our security uniformed guards are not just known for their uniforms, but the technology they use to secure our clients. They have body cameras and radio communication to ensure maximum safety and security.

Emergency Services

We understand that emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. To address this problem, we provide 24-hour security guards in Gastonia. Round-the-clock service means we respond quickly to any emergency as well as take all the necessary steps to safeguard our clients from all problems. In every condition, we make sure that our clients are safe.

Public Safety

At WatchOne Security Services, we are committed to maintaining public safety in Gastonia. For this, we stay connected with local law enforcement agencies and communities and take regular updates from them. This step of ours helps us to identify potential threats and take the best and most effective measures to overcome them. Our public safety services include crowd control, event security, and traffic management. This isn’t all; we take many other steps for public safety.

Random Vehicle Patrols

Our random vehicle patrols provide an added layer of security to your premises. Our trained and 24-hour security guards in Gastonia conduct random patrols of your property and its perimeter, deterring potential criminal activity and ensuring the safety of your assets. They look after all the corners of the property making sure that nothing suspicious and dangerous.

Dash Cam Video HD 4K

Equipped with the latest dashcam video technology that records in HD 4K resolution, our 24-hour security guards in Gastonia ensure clear and accurate recordings of any incidents that may occur. This technology enables us to promptly and effectively resolve any issues that may arise, as we retain video footage for two years. We don’t take any action on the guesswork as we have strong evidence against the culprit.

Why Choose WatchOne Security Services?

In Gastonia, multiple security companies are providing high-quality security services. But, WatchOne Security Services is different. We are professional and reliable with a commitment to delivering the best service in the industry. We use the latest technology to safeguard businesses, properties, and people. Our approach towards work is simple but very effective for our clients.

To make sure that we have the best team, we organize regular training sessions for the security guards and other security professionals. Also, they undergo a thorough background check to find out that there is no wrong report registered in their names. With our 24-hour security guards in Gastonia, you can have peace of mind knowing that your security needs are in capable hands.



Uniformed, trained, licensed security officers provide a visual deterrent as well as perform specific duties related to client requests.


Regardless of what type of emergency (weather, civil, disasters, fire, etc.) occurs, rest assured WatchOne officers will be prepared and ready to handle any type of emergency. WatchOne is a registered FEMA security contractor.


WatchOne officers are trained to handle public events, retail centers, and large venue access control. Our programs focus on public safety, customer service, and public assistance.


WatchOne will conduct random inspections checking buildings, parking areas, gates, employees, equipment, and common areas. Patrols are tracked via GPS and HD video.

24/7 Security Guard

As a business owner, property manager, or event organizer, ensuring the safety and security of your assets and people is a top priority. Having a 24/7 security guard service on site can provide peace of mind and deter potential criminal activity.

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