About Us


For over 40 years we have had one mission, to keep businesses, communities and people safe and secure. WatchOne uses unique training and supervision methods ensuring solid security programs for our clients. We utilize technology along with the human factor to ensure a high-profile deterrent to criminal acts, all technologies utilized generate a digital history of activity which can be accessed at any time by clients. WatchOne is an Equal Opportunity Employer with 100% transparency!

We Have 40 Years of Experience

Our principals have over 40 years experience in the private contract security industry, this allows for tried and true security programs.

Retail security services


WatchOne utilizes the very latest in technology monitoring all aspects of the operation. Personnel, guard tours, vehicles and equipment are monitored via software and hardware. Reports are transmitted digitally and stored for a minimum of 2 years.


Our approach is to develop partnerships with our customers, involvement creates a superior security program.

Training and Supervision

Training and supervision are the keys to a successful security program. WatchOne blends the two as one for a superior product.

In-House Training

WatchOne conducts all state mandated training classes in-house with employee instructors.  All curriculum and training is monitored for quality assurance to reduce exposure to liability.


Assets / Resources

WatchOne capabilities are vast when it comes to personnel, vehicles and equipment deployment to support our clients. 


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