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Reliable and Effective Security Solutions in Lake Norman

WatchOne Security Services should be your ultimate choice for high-grade security services in Lake Norman. Our wide range of security solutions includes 24-hour security guard services, assuring protection for you, your family as well as your belongings. The security professionals in our company are skilled and well-trained to deliver personalized security services. 

Uniformed Guards

One of our primary services at WatchOne Security Services is the provision of uniformed guard services. Our 24-hour security guards in Lake Norman undergo extensive training to offer a prominent and deterrent presence that discourages criminal behavior. They diligently adhere to all security procedures to maintain a safe environment.

Equipped with essential tools and cutting-edge technology, our uniformed guards effectively monitor and safeguard your property. Rest assured that when you choose WatchOne Security Services, your property is in capable and trustworthy hands.

Emergency Services

To handle critical situations, we have a team of 24-hour security guards. They are prompt and effective in their security services. At WatchOne Security Services, our emergency services are specifically tailored to deliver swift responses when emergencies arise.

Handling any emergency is not easy, so our team is resourced with all the essential security tools. We maintain a close collaboration with law enforcement agencies to ensure a timely and efficient resolution to any emergency.

Public Safety

WatchOne Security Services places utmost importance on public safety. As we aim to maintain harmony and tranquility in the community, we primarily focus on public safety services. 

For the safety of the public and community, we are associated with community leaders and law enforcement agencies. Our range of services includes crowd control, parking lot security management, and various other measures aimed at fostering a secure environment for all.

Random Vehicle Patrols

Utilizing random vehicle patrols is an efficient method we employ to discourage criminal acts. Our skilled 24-hour security guards in Lake Norman are specifically trained to closely observe and monitor your property, parking lots, and the surrounding vicinity.

By implementing these random vehicle patrols, you can have peace of mind knowing that any potential suspicious activities will be swiftly identified and appropriately addressed.

Dash Cam Video HD 4K

At WatchOne Security Services, our cutting-edge HD 4K dash cam video technology ensures thorough documentation of all activities transpiring on your property. Our top-tier cameras deliver exceptional image clarity, generating valuable evidence in case of any incidents.

The implementation of our dashcam video technology not only acts as a deterrent against criminal activities but also serves as a valuable resource during emergencies. We retain the recorded footage for two years, enabling easy access and retrieval when needed.

At WatchOne Security Services, our unwavering dedication lies in delivering superior security solutions that include 24-hour security guards to our esteemed clients residing in Lake Norman. Instead of following a standard protocol in our company, we strongly emphasize individual requirements. Based on the requirements, we customize the security services so that you and your belongings are safe. 

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Uniformed, trained, licensed security officers provide a visual deterrent as well as perform specific duties related to client requests.


Regardless of what type of emergency (weather, civil, disasters, fire, etc.) occurs, rest assured WatchOne officers will be prepared and ready to handle any type of emergency. WatchOne is a registered FEMA security contractor.


WatchOne officers are trained to handle public events, retail centers, and large venue access control. Our programs focus on public safety, customer service, and public assistance.


WatchOne will conduct random inspections checking buildings, parking areas, gates, employees, equipment, and common areas. Patrols are tracked via GPS and HD video.

24/7 Security Guard

As a business owner, property manager, or event organizer, ensuring the safety and security of your assets and people is a top priority. Having a 24/7 security guard service on site can provide peace of mind and deter potential criminal activity.

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