The Best Emergency Security Service in Wilmington & Charlotte

WatchOne Security Services is a FEMA-registered security contractor. We have the right skills, knowledge, and assets to provide emergency services that are designed to keep you, your property, or your business safe in unexpected situations.

Our team of experienced security professionals is trained to handle various emergencies, including fire outbreaks, medical emergencies, and civil unrest. We understand that emergencies can occur at any time, and that is why we are available 24/7 with our emergency security service to provide you with the necessary assistance.

Fire Outbreaks

Fire outbreaks can be devastating and can cause massive damage to your property and assets. At WatchOne Security Services, we provide fire emergency services that are aimed at preventing fires from occurring and mitigating the damage if they do.

Our team is trained to identify potential fire hazards and take proactive measures to eliminate them. In the event of a fire outbreak, our emergency security service will respond immediately to contain the fire and ensure that everyone is safe.

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies can occur without a warning, and having the right response can make all the difference. We have a team of trained professionals who are equipped to handle various medical emergencies.

Our highly skilled crew is trained in first aid and CPR, and we have the necessary equipment to handle emergencies such as cardiac arrests, seizures, and allergic reactions. We work closely with medical professionals to ensure that our clients receive the necessary medical attention as soon as possible.

Civil Unrest / Rioting

Criminal activities such as theft, vandalism, and burglary can occur during civil unrest and have a significant impact on your business operations. At WatchOne Security Services, we provide services aimed at preventing criminal activities and responding to them if they occur.

Our emergency security service team is trained to identify potential security threats and take proactive measures to prevent them. In the event of criminal activities, we will respond immediately to contain the situation and work with law enforcement agencies to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Hurricane Security Preparations

Inclement weather can pose significant challenges to businesses and their operations and employees. Adverse weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, snowstorms, hurricanes, and tornadoes can cause property damage, disrupt the power supply, and lead to injuries or loss of life. We understand the potential impact of inclement weather and we provide emergency services.

We work closely with you to assess the impact of weather conditions and develop strategies to minimize damage and ensure the safety of your staff, customers, or family. Our team will also work with local authorities and emergency services to ensure that our clients receive the necessary assistance. WatchOne recommends advance teams be sent to the coast before the Governor declares mandatory evacuation, after the interstates are reversed in the direction of travel it becomes almost impossible to move personnel and assets to the affected areas.

To avail yourself of our emergency security service or find out more about us, contact us right away. We serve clients across the Charlotte and Wilmington areas and would be happy to assist you.

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