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At WatchOne Security Services, we are delighted to welcome you as the foremost provider of exceptional security services in Huntersville, including 24-hour security guards. With the help of our skilled security professionals, we guarantee the safety and security of our clients. The objective is to fulfill the unique requirements of all our clients with our customized security services. Our extensive range of services is thoughtfully designed to precisely address the individual needs of our esteemed clientele.


Uniformed Guard Services

WatchOne Security Services offers uniformed guard services to businesses, residential communities, and special events. Our uniformed guard services include both armed and unarmed guards along with 24-hour security guards in Huntersville. Security professionals provide the highest level of protection on clients’ premises as they are equipped with the latest technology and tools.

Emergency Services

At WatchOne Security Services, we recognize that emergencies can occur without warning. To handle these situations that come without any warning, we provide 24-hour security guard services along with other security services. With our ongoing training, our professionals are capable of responding promptly and handling various emergencies. To make the process easy and quick, we collaborate with local emergency service authorities.

Public Safety

WatchOne Security Services firmly believes that public safety is a shared responsibility among all individuals. This belief drives us to provide a comprehensive range of public safety services, including security assessments, crime prevention training, and engaging community outreach programs. This is not easy as people from different communities are very different. So, we provide public safety with the help of our 24-hour security guards and local authorities working with the same objective in Huntersville.

Random Vehicle Patrols

WatchOne Security Services provides random vehicle patrols as part of our commitment to maintaining the safety and security of our client’s properties. These patrols are conducted by highly trained professionals who utilize cutting-edge technology and tools to effectively identify and discourage criminal activity. Our comprehensive fleet includes both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles, ensuring the highest level of protection for our clients’ peace of mind.

Dash Cam Video HD 4K

At WatchOne Security Services, we fully comprehend the significance of video surveillance in the contemporary landscape. To address this need, we proudly offer our clients access to cutting-edge dash cam video HD 4K technology along with 24-hour security guard service in Huntersville. The cameras are equipped with the latest features so that clear and precise footage of the incidents gets captured. In case of any issue, there will the highest quality video evidence available.

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WatchOne Security Services upholds an unwavering dedication to delivering the utmost level of security services to our esteemed clients in Huntersville. We have a team of seasoned security professionals that guarantees security and safety to our clients. With us, you will have peace of mind as there will be nothing to worry about.

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Uniformed, trained, licensed security officers provide a visual deterrent as well as perform specific duties related to client requests.


Regardless of what type of emergency (weather, civil, disasters, fire, etc.) occurs, rest assured WatchOne officers will be prepared and ready to handle any type of emergency. WatchOne is a registered FEMA security contractor.


WatchOne officers are trained to handle public events, retail centers, and large venue access control. Our programs focus on public safety, customer service, and public assistance.


WatchOne will conduct random inspections checking buildings, parking areas, gates, employees, equipment, and common areas. Patrols are tracked via GPS and HD video.

24/7 Security Guard

As a business owner, property manager, or event organizer, ensuring the safety and security of your assets and people is a top priority. Having a 24/7 security guard service on site can provide peace of mind and deter potential criminal activity.

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